Simple and practical RSS reader

Sputnik is a RSS reader for your desktop or laptop computer. Just download it, and start using. No registration, no login, no yet another password to remember.
Sputnik for Windows
Sputnik for Mac (OSX 10.7+)
Sputnik for Linux (64bit)

Version 1.0.7 released 07.05.2014 (see what's new)
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Fun to use

Keyboard (and mouse) shortcuts allows for convenient and fast browsing through articles.

When you launch the app see what's behind this icon.


You can tag any article with any tag you like.

Very convenient for organized people :)

Works offline

All articles are stored on your computer, so you don't need internet connection to read them later.

Respects your privacy

The app keeps all data on your own computer, and only there. No servers somewhere in the internet involved.


If you have any problems with Sputnik or suggestions how to make it better, you can always email me at

How can I update my app to latest version?

Follow this simple steps.


Sputnik is open source software, released under GPLv3 license.
The code can be found here.

Questions and Answers

Any plans to support synchronization with Feedly?
In near future - no. In distant future - probably not. Two reasons for that:
1. Sputnik wants to be independent software. Adding integration with commercial platform doesn't help with that.
2. Integration with Feedly will force Sputnik to behave like Feedly forever, and will make much harder for Sputnik to go its own way.
I want for this app to be alternative to other readers, not desktop clone of one of them.